UNP Ciri Outfit Fixes

REQUIRES: Ciri Outfit by oaristys

This mods fixes a problem with normals on the ciri outfit (to put it simply the armor didn’t reflect properly its depth in thspace so the parts that had to stand out,would end up beinf inflated inside. look at the picture: ) Also shaders were fixed.68950-0-1482263985.jpg

There are two versions:

Without Strap

With Strap



Here my nexus mod with all my other witcher armours,and the mail i recieved from cdprojekt regarding sharing witcher 3 armors.

Permissions: You can use this file in your mods,as long as you have permission from Oaristys.

UNP underwears

This mod offers 2 different options of UNP SFW body replacer (underwear)

All female NPCs will wear this when naked.



Many thanks to dimon99 for the unp body.

Halofarm for UNPB huntress conversion

Aery Soul/AlfaSeed for original huntress armor.



for those wh use custom body with UNP underwear (aka bodyslide conversions or unpb…)

you can download the bikini texturs here:


ZZjay’s Skyrim Attire – WIP


One piece requires a compatibility skeleton: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26800/?

-About the mod: The mod is a work in progres.It is a collection of dressess,that can be obtained through console or in a chest in the teple of mara.see readme

– PERMISSION \ TERMS OF USE: Do not reupload this file anywhere else.Expecially to nexus site.


-Credits : Osare for base choker and sleeves, Ashara for dimonized dress, Dimon99 for UNP -nsk13 for Gwelda armor, Naihaan for wedding dress, Tsuke76 for vest -xinafay for kitty corset, tiwa for minidressess,CDproject Red for witcher 2 meshes,R18PN for the Amy Armor