ZZjay’s Skyrim Attire – WIP


One piece requires a compatibility skeleton: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26800/?

-About the mod: The mod is a work in progres.It is a collection of dressess,that can be obtained through console or in a chest in the teple of mara.see readme

– PERMISSION \ TERMS OF USE: Do not reupload this file anywhere else. Do not repost on Nexus. This file is an exclusive of this blog. Please if you want to share your body conversion Link it in Comments or in your blog.



-Credits : Osare for base choker and sleeves, Ashara for dimonized dress, Dimon99 for UNP -nsk13 for Gwelda armor, Naihaan for wedding dress, Tsuke76 for vest -xinafay for kitty corset, tiwa for minidressess,CDproject Red for witcher 2 meshes,R18PN for the Amy Armor