UNP Ciri Outfit Fixes

REQUIRES: Ciri Outfit by oaristys

This mods fixes a problem with normals on the ciri outfit (to put it simply the armor didn’t reflect properly its depth in thspace so the parts that had to stand out,would end up beinf inflated inside. look at the picture: ) Also shaders were fixed.68950-0-1482263985.jpg

There are two versions:

Without Strap

With Strap



Here my nexus mod with all my other witcher armours,and the mail i recieved from cdprojekt regarding sharing witcher 3 armors.

Permissions: You can use this file in your mods,as long as you have permission from Oaristys.

3 thoughts on “UNP Ciri Outfit Fixes

  1. Pat says:

    Hi zzjay thanks for the fixes, just letting you know the uv map on the legs differs from Oaristys and uses the two leg textures, making them mismatched colours and cause clipping through the boots. I can’t fix it myself because my new computer doesnt have 3dsmax on it but thought I’d let you know.

    • zzjay88 says:

      The leg is intended to be using the different texture like the original witcher 3 model.if you use any texture replacer you should recolour the second leg as well.

  2. […] Outfit for UNP to work, and optionally also get UNP Ciri Outfit Fixes by Zzjay (not really needed I think, but it’s what I based my work on. So you might get missing […]

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