11 thoughts on “zzjay’s Skyrim Attire V2

  1. Quills says:

    Dying for these new dresses. The third one is something I’d love to wear around town. You are amazing btw!

  2. halendia says:

    The Vest casues CTD and the long dress is missing textures. I’ve downloaded the patches 🙂 Will tinker with it after dinner.

  3. GhostlyCat says:

    Wow, they are absolutly gorgeous! (*o*). I specially like the Elizabeth one. I fell in love with that game.
    Are they finished? Would you upload it to nexus soon?

    Would you accept petitions for the future? (this is just a polite question, I understand that you may be busy or have other projects or simple don’t like to take petitions and work for things that you like. I know this can be annoying but I have to try).

    Keep the good work!

    • zzjay88 says:

      Hi.they are finished,and nope wont post on nexus,i need to get permission from a guy that is afk since 3 years…

      and atm i’m not playing\modding skyrim anymore.

  4. Cody Bosrock says:

    look none of the textures will load their just blue clay shapes of the dress what on earth do i do

  5. Mason Salvatore says:

    Hey will you upload these to skyrim special edition or do you mind if I can do it

    • zzjay88 says:

      No, this mod isnt meand to be over at nexusmods.com,so it wont be uploaded to SE nexus. if you wanna leave me a dropbox\mega link for SE (provied all works properly) and i can host it here for you.

    • zzjay88 says:

      I do not use Special Edition,You can drop a lin here to special edition,but not upload on nexus witout proper permission from Osare and Ryk (who apparently dont fancy nexusmods)

  6. Thank you! This was perfect for my Snow White Wood Elf character!

    You can see her here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/images/655225/?

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