zzjay’s Skyrim Attire V2


full version with all fixes included 2.1

Added these dresses:

See original post for more details:
chest location: temple of mara



9 thoughts on “zzjay’s Skyrim Attire V2

  1. Quills says:

    Dying for these new dresses. The third one is something I’d love to wear around town. You are amazing btw!

  2. halendia says:

    The Vest casues CTD and the long dress is missing textures. I’ve downloaded the patches 🙂 Will tinker with it after dinner.

  3. GhostlyCat says:

    Wow, they are absolutly gorgeous! (*o*). I specially like the Elizabeth one. I fell in love with that game.
    Are they finished? Would you upload it to nexus soon?

    Would you accept petitions for the future? (this is just a polite question, I understand that you may be busy or have other projects or simple don’t like to take petitions and work for things that you like. I know this can be annoying but I have to try).

    Keep the good work!

    • zzjay88 says:

      Hi.they are finished,and nope wont post on nexus,i need to get permission from a guy that is afk since 3 years…

      and atm i’m not playing\modding skyrim anymore.

  4. Cody Bosrock says:

    look none of the textures will load their just blue clay shapes of the dress what on earth do i do

  5. Mason Salvatore says:

    Hey will you upload these to skyrim special edition or do you mind if I can do it

    • zzjay88 says:

      No, this mod isnt meand to be over at nexusmods.com,so it wont be uploaded to SE nexus. if you wanna leave me a dropbox\mega link for SE (provied all works properly) and i can host it here for you.

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