zzjay’s Skyrim Attire V2


full version with all fixes included 2.1

Added these dresses:

See original post for more details:
chest location: temple of mara



ZZjay’s Skyrim Attire – WIP


One piece requires a compatibility skeleton: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26800/?

-About the mod: The mod is a work in progres.It is a collection of dressess,that can be obtained through console or in a chest in the teple of mara.see readme

– PERMISSION \ TERMS OF USE: Do not reupload this file anywhere else.Expecially to nexus site.


-Credits : Osare for base choker and sleeves, Ashara for dimonized dress, Dimon99 for UNP -nsk13 for Gwelda armor, Naihaan for wedding dress, Tsuke76 for vest -xinafay for kitty corset, tiwa for minidressess,CDproject Red for witcher 2 meshes,R18PN for the Amy Armor