Blender – Export a Skyrim\Fallout3 mesh

Tutorial for exporting Skyrim meshes

This tutorial will contain the basic information for you to learn how to mod skyrim outfits:

Creating an armor for Skyrim.

If you’re having missing UV maps > hence missing missed ths little step in ashara’s’s a small guide:






Export (pic by ashara)



Whenever importing a new mesh in blender,make sure nothing else is marked as selected (that will break weights. and parent things to each other.) “A” will select and nudelect bordered items are selected.

Every piece must be parented to ONLY ONE SKELETON,and every piece parented to that skeleton will be exported with can export additional parts and mash them up in nifskope.

so clear parent (select armor and then SHIFT + r click to select the skeleton too) (object>parent>clear parent,whenever you need to change skeletons and object\parent\make parent to armature )

exported meshes for _0 and _1 size must have the smae amount of vertices (you can check in nifskope) and the same dont edit after making _1

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