UNP jwewelry reworked


-Added weight sliders for necklace
-fixed missing environmental mapping




2 thoughts on “UNP jwewelry reworked

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Zzjay!

    I love your mods, they are very well done and you should be proud!

    I just wanted to know a little bit more about the UNP Jewelry that you reworked, did you only rework the gold pieces ( as shown above ) or did you do the rest also? I downloaded this and tested it in game and all the others looked the same, are you going to do the rest or perhaps release the resources that are missing so that I could do it? The gold pieces look so much nicer since you fixed them but I wanted to use other colours as well. Please get back to me soon and thanks for making great mods!

    • zzjay88 says:

      hm…i just did the necklace and arms and circlet tha came from that set…the other pieces have low quality meshes…i dont planon doing more…an i didnt do much more than adding environmental maps and that does the trick 😀

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